Megger MFT1731 Multifunction Tester

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  • Easy to use and safety conscious
  • Continuity, supply measurement, insulation, loop testing and more
  • Works across phases

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Megger MFT1731 Multifunction Tester

The Megger MFT1731 Multifunction Tester is a high specification installation tester suitable for testing domestic, commercial and industrial low voltage electrical installations in order to certify compliance with the respective guidelines detailed in BS7671 and Part P of the building regulations.

Similar to the other models in the Megger MFT range, the MFT1731 is IEC 61010 CAT IV 300V safety rated allowing for safe testing of low voltage electrical systems all the way from the supply transformer, to the final circuit. Furthermore, the MFT1731 multifunction tester is capable of conducting 2 or 3 wire earth resistance (electrode) tests and even ART and stakeless earth tests (optional accessories required), catering for utility applications including lightning protection systems governed by regulations outside of the remit set within BS7671.

Including rechargeable batteries, an internal memory and Bluetooth communication, the Megger MFT 1731 is suitable for extensive site use and is capable of downloading stored test results using ‘Megger Download Manager’ which is supplied with the instrument. Full reporting and certificate printing is an option when using Megger’s PowerSuite Lite software package which is supplied with the Megger MFT1731 Onsite Multifunction Tester

Using the Megger MFT1731 is a simple means of programming two colour coded rotary dials that select primary and secondary test settings respectively. The colour coded user interface significantly reduces the chance of choosing an incorrect function or range, hence the MFT1731 is suitable for novice and advanced users alike. Test measurements are presented on a large, backlit, dual format display that clearly indicates fluctuating measurements upon a digital/analogue range scale and accurate final measurements upon a digital readout.

IP54 rated, the MFT1731 is suitable for use in environments where water and dust ingress pose a risk, while the durable rubber instrument enclosure offers improved grip and shock protection. Featuring dual ‘test’ and ‘lock’ buttons on each side of the instrument, the tester can be used by both left and right handed operatives.

The Megger MFT1731 Multifunction Tester can be used to carry out the following tests:

  • Continuity: 15mA test for inductive loads and a 200mA test suitable for R1+R2 and R2 testing with adjustable buzzer threshold
  • Insulation resistance: 100V, 250V, 500V and 1000V tests with adjustable buzzer threshold
  • Loop: 2 and 3 wire test options featuring a patented anti-trip on both 2 and 3 wire test configurations. PSCC/PFC are tandem displayed with the loop test result. Also conducts line to line tests suitable for three phase installations
  • RCD: Ramp, manual (0.5x, 1x, 5x) or automatically test 10, 30, 100, 300, 500 and 1000mA AC, A, S, programmable, Type B and 3 phase RCDs
  • TRMS Voltage: accurately measure supply voltage and frequency and phase rotation
  • Earth testing: 2 & 3 pole tests and even ART and Stakeless can be conducted (note additional accessories required for earth testing)


Technical Spec/Comparison Table:

MFT1711 MFT1721 MFT1731
Insulation ranges
100 V
250 V, 500 V
1000 V
Test voltage display
Adjustable buzzer threshold
Continuity and resistance ranges
200 mA test
15 mA test
Adjustable buzzer threshold
Loop testing
2 and 3 wire non-tripping L-PE 50 V ~ 280 V
2 wire Hi current L-N 50 V ~ 280 V
2 wire phase to phase L-L 50 V ~ 500 V
PSCC and PFC (20 kA max.)
Max. Zs display
R1 + R2 value
Touch voltage display on faulty earth
Earth electrode test
2 and 3 pole *
3 pole ART and Stakeless method *
RCD tests
1/2, 1, 5 x I and ramp RCD test
Auto RCD test
Type AC, A and S RCDs
Type B (pure DC) RCDs
Programmable RCD
3-phase RCD (no earth)
30, 100, 300 and 500 mA RCD
10 mA and 1000 mA RCD 10 mA
Other features
Supply measurement
True RMS
Leakage current measurement *
Phase rotation
Calibration certificate
Rechargeable batteries (charger included)
SP5 Switched probe included
Warranty upgradeable to 3 years FREE
On board memory with Bluetooth download
CAT IV 300 V / CATIII 600 V
Hard moulded case
Soft pouch with additional storage
  • Bluetooth capabilities and built in memory
  • Colour coded rotary switches for easier use
  • Built and designed for tough environments
  • Large, crystal clear, backlit dual display screen
  • Provides all your required tests
  • Supplied in a large, soft carrying pouch
  • Megger MFT1731 Multifunction Tester 1008-128
  • 3 wire test lead set with probes and crocodile clips
  • Mains plug test lead
  • Rechargeable batteries and charger
  • Switched test probe for remote testing
  • Megger embroidered Neck strap
  • Carry case
  • Full user guide CD for MFT 1731
  • Megger calibration certificate