Kewtech KT72 PAT Tester

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Kewtech KT72 PAT Tester

This Kewtech KT72 PAT Tester is amongst the most popular Pat testers on the market. Automatic test sequences – just select between class I, class II or extension lead and then press start.

A choice between 250V or 500V insulation test gives you peace of mind when testing IT equipment. Tests results are indicated by LEDs and the actual results are displayed on the screen – fast and easy feedback of test status.

Comes with special IEC to mains plug lead for extension lead testing – not a hidden extra. Unit is protected by a lid and the leads are retained in a pouch – all self contained and protected. Battery powered means that you can test anywhere without the restriction of having to be connected to a socket.

Kewtech KT72 Technical Specifications

Measurement of Protective Conductor Resistance
Test Function IT 200mA Continuity Test 20A Continuity Test
Measuring Range 0 to 15Ω
Resolution 10mΩ
Open-Circuit Voltage 4 – 24V
Measuring Current 200mA DC (nominal( 20A AC (nominal)
Accuracy ± (3%rdg+5dgt)
Measurement of Insulation Resistance
Rating 250V / 20MΩ and 500V / 20M Ω
Measuring Range 0.1~19.99M Ω
Resolution 10kΩ
Rated Voltage 250V/500V DC(-0%/+30%) @250k Ω/500kΩ
Short-Circuit Current 2.5mA DC or less
Accuracy ± (2%rdg+3dgt)
Leakage Current Test (with Load Test)
Test Function Load current test Leakage current test
Measuring Range AC0.1~13.00Arms AC0.1~ 19.99mArms
Resolution 0.01A 0.01mA
Accuracy ±(10%rdg ± 5dgt) ±(3%rdg ± 5dgt)
Examination Time Max 5 seconds Max 10 seconds
  • Performs earth bond testing at 200mA at both +ve and -ve polarities (IT appliance safe)
  • 250V/500V insulation test voltages
  • Carries out substitute leakage testing
  • Use rotary dial to quickly select applicable tests
  • Class I IT 200mA earth bond test
  • Class II appliance tests
  • Extension lead tests (with polarity testing)
  • LED indicators and LCD display of testing results
  • Automatically checks to see if an appliance is powered on or not
  • Tests 110V appliances for earth bond and insulation via optional adapter (not included as standard)
  • Powered by standard batteries
  • Kewtech KT72 PAT Tester
  • Earth Lead
  • Instruction Manual
  • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformity
  • Extension Lead Adapter
  • 8 x AA Batteries
  • Carrying Case
  • Short IEC Lead

Kewtech KT72 Datasheet