Fluke T150 Voltage Continuity Tester

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Fluke T150 Voltage Continuity Tester – Awaiting Stock

Rugged, high-quality testers for fast test results the way you need them. Experienced professionals trust their job, their reputation and even their personal safety to Fluke electrical test tools. Flukes family of Two-Pole Voltage Testers are built with state-of-the-art measurement and safety technology, this Fluke T150 Voltage Continuity Tester offers everything you expect from Fluke, and a little bit more.                                                                  

Fluke Voltage & Continuity Tester Comparison Chart

We supply 4 different versions of these popular testers – see which one best fits your requirements:

Features T90       T110 T130 T150
Backlit LED Indicator
Backlit LCD Digital Display
Continuity Test – Visual Results
Continuity Test – Audible Results
with on/off

with on/off

with on/off
Vibratory Indicator Under Load
Display Hold
Voltage Test
Indication of Polarity
Resistance Measurement
Switchable Load
Single Pole Test for Phase
Rotary Field Indicator
Probe Tip Protection
Voltage Display with
Discharged Battries
Electrical Torch Function
Wear Indicator Test Lead Wire

Fluke T Series Technical Specifications

T90 T110 T130 T150
Voltage AC/DC 12V to 690V 12V to 690V 6V to 690V 6V to 690V
Continuity 0 to 400kΩ
Frequency 0/40 to 400Hz
Phase Rotation 100V to 690V
Resistance Measurement Up to 1999Ω
 Response Time (LED indicator) <0.5s
200kΩ Input Impedance  Current draw 3.5mA @ 690V, Current draw 1.15mA @ 230V
7kΩ Input Impedance
(with load buttons pressed)
Current draw 30mA @ 230V
Safety Rating CAT II 690V
IP Rating IP54 IP64 IP64 IP64
  • 4 ways to detect AC/DC voltage – LED indicators, digital indicator, audible continuity and vibration feedback
  • Backlit screen and indicators for use in poor lighting conditions
  • Switch audible tone on/off for use in areas where quiet is necessary
  • Low battery indicator
  • Detects voltage even when the batteries are dead
  • Improved probe docking system ensures probes can always be easily and safely stored
  • Phase rotation indicator suitable for use on 3 phase systems
  • RCD functionality – draw more current from the circuit to intentionally trip an RCD
  • Display hold temporarily stores last value taken on screen
  • Built-in electric torch
  • Single phase voltage for fast identification of live conductors
  • Push-on probe tips
  • Resistance testing up to 1999Ω
  • WearGuard insulation shows damage to test leads
  • CAT IV 600V and CAT III 690V safety rating
  • GS38 compliant probe tips
  • Fluke T150 Voltage & Continuity Tester
  • Probe Storage Accessory
  • Instruction Manual
  • Push-On Probe Tips

Fluke T150 Datasheet

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