Fluke SCC198 Automotive Accessory Kit

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Fluke SCC198 Automotive Accessory Kit

This Fluke SCC198 Automotive Accessory Kit is designed to be used with Fluke’s 190 series of scopemeters and allows users to carry out extensive electrical evaluations on automotive equipment.

It includes a massive amount of equipment, including a carrying case, software, filter adapters, shielded test leads and a whole lot more. If you’re the owner or a Fluke 190 series scopemeter and want to test automotive applications, this accessory kit is a must buy.


  • C190 Hard-shell Carrying Case for 190-Series ScopeMeter
  • SW90W FlukeView ScopeMeter Software package
  • OC4USB Serial Interface Cable for connecting the ScopeMeter to a (notebook) PC
  • STL90 Shielded Test Leads (1 red & 1 gray) with 2 ground leads
  • Four Backprobe pins (1 red, 1 gray, 2 black),
  • Four 4 mm Tip adapters (1 red, 1 gray, 2 black),
  • AC85A Sets of Alligator Clips (Four pieces, 1 red, 1 gray, 2 black)
  • C75 Softcase, for holding and storing all smaller items
  • Low pass filter adapters (2 pieces)
  • BNC(m) to BNC(f) extension cables (2 pieces)

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