Introducing the New KEWTECH Range of PAT Testers – EZYPAT, EZYPAT PLUS, SMARTPAT

The new range of PAT testers from Kewtech have been designed to make PAT Testing as efficient and user-friendly as possible. EZYPAT, EZYPAT PLUS, SMARTPAT are battery operated, have a large easy-to-read display, a PASS (green) / FAIL (red) screen and each benefits from a light, ergonomic design. The testers also work in conjunction with the new KEWPAT APP, which enables fast documentation detailing the appliance and test results.

EZYPAT – £299

When you only want to do ‘dead testing’ of appliances that have a physical or rocker on/off switch or no switch at all, the EZYPAT is for you. IT Safe with a low current earth continuity and 250V insulation test option. If you have appliances with electronic on/off switches, where the power supply is needed to switch them on (e.g. computers &TVs), then the EZYPAT Plus is the best.

Kewtech EZYPAT PAT Tester


When you need to power on the appliance to test fully, then the EZYPAT PLUS is a great non-downloading option.This PAT tester has all the features of the EZYPAT and in addition, it will conduct
a run leakage test at 110V and 230V.

Kewtech EZYPAT-PLUS PAT Tester


The SMARTPAT, together with the KEWPAT APP, covers all the functionality and more of a traditional downloading PAT tester.

Data collection: Provides a very fast solution for logging your testing. Special drop down menus on the APP ensures quick appliance documentation enabling you to add basic information such as appliance
and location, or more detailed logging such as make, model, serial number and special comments as well.

Testing: The APP controls the tester so you can use the standard auto-tests or make up your own.The test results are automatically included in the appliance record.

Risk assessment: All appliances need a risk assessment. The APP has a risk assessment function that is designed to be optionally engaged during each test if required, leading to desired frequency of re-test.

Cable resistance: Class I equipment has a variable pass limit dependent on the length of the mains lead.There is a simple cable calculator on the APP that can be easily engaged during testing.
Extra functionality: The APP makes full use of your mobile device as it can take pictures,scan barcodes / QR codes and it can also give you voice prompts.

Kewtech SMARTPAT PAT Tester


Available for free download on Android and IOS (IOS coming soon)