Fluke 165x Compatible Non-Fused Lead Set

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Fluke 165x series compatible non-fused 3 wire lead set

This leadset may carry The Calibration Centre’s branding but they often surpass the quality of the test leads supplied by the manufacturers and at a much cheaper cost! These leads are also compatible with a wide range of other testers provided they have the industry standard 4mm shrouded connectors. This makes the TCC991 test lead set suitable for use with many popular multifunction testers and more.

The leads included in this kit are versatile, durable and have been extensively tested by The Calibration Centre to ensure they last a long time and still give excellent levels of performance.

The kit contains:

  • 3 x Red/Green/Blue silicon test lead
  • 3 x Red/Green/Blue Croc Clips
  • 3 x Red/Green/Blue Probes
  • GS38 caps

Key Features

  • High performance croc clips & probes give testing consistency
  • UK Design & Manufacture
  • Strong G7 test leads extensively tested for durability
  • Compatible with a large selection of testers
  • Fluke 1651
  • Fluke 1652 (inc B & C models)
  • Fluke 1653 (inc B & C models)
  • Fluke 1654 (inc B & C models)

  • Highly flexible Silicon Double Insulated test leads
  • GS38 Compliant
  • IEC1010 Compliant
  • 1kV Cat III

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